HUPG 2018 Conference Announcement

An international conference “Sharing the Future of Cultural Heritage – Synergies between Heritage, Tourism and Digital Culture” on cultural heritage issues, in line with the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, will be held in Hotel Dubrovnik Palace 5*, from the 10th – 11th of April 2018.

The conference is being organized by the Croatian Association of Historical Cities – HUPG and its member towns – city governments, together with our partners from the French association in Bordeaux –Sites & Cites, gathering respected foreign experts from Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy,  Malta, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Spain, Turkey …  and with the kind support of the foreign non-governmental organizations ALZIAR, EFFORTS, FAIC, MEDCITIES, OWHC …

There are many aspects that affect cultural heritage, and in parallel, tourism, urban planning, strategies, smart development and so on. The topics are broad and affect our historic centers and communities, and we present some topics of interest for papers, such as:

  • Digital Cultural Heritage in Europe (Digital Meets Culture)
  • Re-thinking contemporary digital culture
  • Methodologies for documenting heritage
  • Circular Models for Heritage Preservation
  • Enhanced energy efficiency in historic buildings and urban districts
  • Coordination of national research programs and priorities
  • Traditional and advanced materials and technologies for improved conservation
  • Mapping and monitoring cultural heritage
  • Predicting and responding to climate change and extreme events
  • Damage assessment and preventive conservation
  • The changing definition of cultural heritage
  • Climate change and its effects on cultural heritage
  • Heritage and Interpretation Centers
  • Heritage Tourism & Hospitality
  • Issues of Identity, Branding & Marketing
  • Preserving, Presenting & Communicating Heritage

More about conference:

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