The purpose of the Association is to create a sustainable network of Croatian historic towns, to encourage and promote their interests nationally and abroad, as well as to identify community and local population needs.

HUPG aims to

    1. establish national cooperation for the protection of monuments, historical centers, cultural heritage, traditional customs and folklore by
      • the creation and development of a network of historic cities
      • establishing contacts with other similar institutions and organizations at national and
        international level to ensure effective cooperation
      • collaboration between historic towns at a regional level
    2. contribute to the promotion of Croatian cultural and historical heritage
    3. share experiences about different aspects of protection and conservation of cultural and
      historical heritage
    4. promote the preservation and conservation of historic cities considering the protection of
      heritage as the main tool for an economic development
    5. encourage laws on the protection of cultural and historical heritage
    6. work on the public awareness about the importance of Croatian cultural heritage and


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