Workshop “Sustainable Management Solutions / Sustainable Transport Solutions” – Dubrovnik 11-12 September 2014

The 2 day workshop, hosted by the city of Dubrovnik and co-organised by the Croatian Association of Historic Towns and Heritage Europe with the support of partners “Adriatic IPA”, project “Ex. PO AUS” and projectsENCLOSE and LIFE+ PERHT, was held in the World Heritage City of Dubrovnik 11-12 September 2014. The workshops began with a press conference hosted and chaired by the Mayor of Dubrovnik Dr Andro Vlahusic with introductions from the speakers’ panel – Brian Smith Secretary General Heritage Europe, Giorgio Ambrosino project leader ENCLOSE, Jean-Michel Galley ANVPAH French National Association of Historic Towns, Christian Andexer Architect World Heritage City of Graz, Austria.

Management Planning and Sustainable Transport – Brian Smith, Secretary General Heritage Europe

City logistics in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL – Den Bosch city logistics and overall mobility plan.

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