Varaždinske Toplice and Biograd na Moru are new members of HUPG

This year, two new members joined Croatian Assoociation of Historical Towns.

Biograd na Moru as a “royal” city with its rich cultural and historical heritage (the coronation of King Koloman in 1102, the capital of medieval Croatian rulers and bishops, rich sacred history, the establishment of a Benedictine monastery, the church of St. Ante from the 13th century and the church of St. Rok from 16th…) certainly deserves its place in our association.

Church of St. Rocco, Biograd na Moru,

The same applies to Varaždinske Toplice, which has a recognizable, historical core with exceptional architectural heritage, quality and characteristics that are systematically maintained.

Varaždinske Toplice, areal view, source:


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