The General Assembly and Management Board of the Croatian Association of Historical Towns – HUPG, held in Dubrovnik on May 03, 2019

The Croatian Association of Historical Towns – HUPG held a Management Board and General Assembly at Hotel Dubrovnik Palace in Dubrovnik on May 3, 2019.

Representatives from Dubrovnik, Klis, Rovinj and Karlovac participated in the Management Board, while 12 representatives of historic towns. The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mr. Mato Frankovic, also attended the General Assembly, welcoming all those present, and briefly presented Dubrovnik’s experience in the management and exchange of good practices and advice with those present.

The President, Mr. Jakov Vetma, passed all the agenda items and decisions were made to continue the work of the Association in terms of better and stronger cooperation, participation in the application and implementation of EU projects, participation in conferences, education, forums and all other activities aimed at strengthening the cooperation and visibility of the Association, as well as the preservation of historical and cultural heritage, as the main objective and activity of the Association.

After the Assembly, an official dinner was held for all representatives of the Croatian Association of Historic Towns.

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