Security of Historical Cities 2019. – Partnership for a Safer Everyday Life

For the third year in a row, aware of the social benefits of community safety concerns, the IPA Regional Club Split-Dalmatia, the University Department of Forensic Sciences and the Croatian Association of Historic Towns, with the support of partners from local and regional government, science, tourism and business, organize The Security of Historical Cities Conference, this time at the Salona Palace Hotel in Solin, November 7-8, 2019.

Tourism in addition to the good it brings to the communities in which it occurs carries many risks, both for the local community and tourists, and their sense of security, as well as for the preservation of a valuable historical heritage.

Such risks require answers – how to protect people and their property, preserve heritage and enable the sustainable development of the community in terms of tourist exploitation, and in the specific conditions of cities with architectural heritage.

Guided by the need to protect cultural, historical and architectural heritage, for the third year we bring together experts of different profiles, stakeholders for quality of life, and find solutions to enable the synergy of the contemporary and the inherited. Functional partnership of stakeholder responsibility is a concept that will be discussed by local and international experts in the historic Solin.

The participants of the conference will receive answers to the following questions:

  • How to ensure a safe everyday life in the local community?
  • How can synergies and interdisciplinary approaches ensure the historical significance and life of
    citizens in areas of great historical and tourist importance?
  • How to improve the quality of life and safety in tourist destinations?
  • How to protect people and their property, preserve heritage and enable sustainable community development under conditions of tourist exploitation?

The management of the Salona Palace Hotel emphasized the interest in organizing and promoting the conference by forming a special price for bed and breakfast from November  6-10 2019, encouraging conference guests for an extended stay in Solin and Split-Dalmatia County.


You can apply for the conference by filling out the application form at, where you can also find instructions on how to pay the registration fee, as well as event history and the 2019 program.

It is worth pointing out that in comparison to similar events, the registration fee for SHC Conference 2019 is only 70 EUR, as a contribution to the popularization of the topic, destination and sustainability on the basis of joint participation in budgeting.


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