European Heritage Days 2016

European heritage days in Croatia 2016 are held from 20th September till 26th October. The Days open with the exhibition Local Communities as Heritage Keepers on 20th September 2016 at 13:00 h in the Mimara Museum in Zagreb. The exhibition would present to the public the activities and efforts of the local communites and various citizen associations on implementation of different safeguarding projects of cultural heritage and with it closely connected natural heritage.

Various projects ensure sustainability and long-term development of rural areas. The examples that are presented at the exhibition showing good intangible safeguarding practices and restoration of tangible cultural heritage are Croatian contribution to the joint theme Heritage and Communities accepted by most of the countries members of the Council of Europe emphasizing the importance of sinergy between heritage and actors connected to it as well as their contribution in shaping joint future.
This year in more than 30 places in Croatia are organized exhibitions, workshops, lectures, presentations and other events dedicated to the promotion and renewal of cultural heritage underlining the inclusion of communities as one of the key factors in heritage safeguarding.

Source: European Heritage Days

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