Croatian Association of Historic Towns is celebrating its 5th anniversary in Varazdin, 5-6 May 2016

Croatian Association of Historic Towns will celebrate its 5th anniversary with the General Assembly in Varazdin. This ceremonial meeting which will unite representatives of a dozen Croatian towns, will be held on Friday, 6 May 2016 at the City Hall of the City of Varazdin. Although festive, at this session the new president of the Association will also be elected.

At the end of the meeting, the mayor of Varazdin Goran Habuš as the host, as well as other participants will be asked to give statements to journalists on topics and conclusions discussed at the meeting.

A gala dinner for the members of the Association will be organized the day before in the Old Town. On Friday morning there is also a scheduled guided tour of Varazdin and discussion at the Herzer palace about the measures to be taken in Varazdin in order to preserve its rich historical heritage.

HUPG was founded on April 29th 2011 in Dubrovnik with the aim of creating a network of Croatian towns to solve common problems in preservation of the cultural heritage and to share experiences with experts and local government representatives. Today it brings together around 20 Croatian towns and it is the associated member of the European Association of Historical Cities and Regions EAHTR.

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