Urban Jewish Heritage: Presence and Absence Conference Announcement

Urban Jewish Heritage

Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage at the University of Birmingham, UK  with the Foundation for Jewish Heritage and in association with the City of Krakow and the Villa Decius Association, Poland are organizing an international conference as part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage entitled Urban Jewish Heritage: Presence and Absence, which will examine the ways in which towns and cities across Europe manage, protect, and develop urban areas with Jewish heritage. Conefrence will be held from 3 – 7 September 2018 in Kraków, Poland.

Jewish Heritage has a place in many cities and towns across Europe but often it is in need of protection, conservation and interpretation. With effective management it can be integrated into the historic urban landscape, provide an important educational function and attract tourists. This conference will bring together planners, heritage specialists from many cities across Europe to discuss examples of best practice and examine some of the issues involved with identifying, restoring and revitalising Jewish heritage sites. The City of Krakow has long experience of working with its Jewish heritage and will provide an excellent location to discuss approaches and problems and to network.

The conference aims to situate Jewish Heritage – in all of its forms and with all attendant issues, challenges and opportunities – in the wider context of an urban heritage framework.

In addition to the Call for Papers, we will be pleased to receive abstracts for presentations that address any of the following:

  • Case studies of conserving Jewish Heritage;
  • The regeneration of former Jewish districts and buildings;
  • Interpretation of Jewish Heritage;
  • The development of tourism based upon the tangible or intangible heritage of the Jewish community.

If you wish to engage with us in this major event please contact the Conference Manager Hannah Stretton – h.stretton@bham.ac.uk

For further details and for submission guidelines please visit: https://urbanjewishheritageconference.wordpress.com

The deadline for the call for papers is 9th April. Find more info here: Call for papers


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