Salona-Aquileia-Apollonia. Adriatic itinerary from the second century. BC. to the early Middle Ages

A new exhibition on the Adriatic space, a bridge between the East and the West and the North and the South of Europe, is organized as part of the Festival of France in Croatia “Rendez-Vous”, in the Archaeological Museum of Zagreb.

Reflecting the rich archaeological and scientific collaborations undertaken between France and Croatia for many years, the exhibition “Aquileia-Salona-Apollonia. Adriatic itinerary from the second century BC. to the early Middle Ages” aims to present to the public the historical value of this maritime space that connected different worlds and encouraged an economic exchange, but also the flow of ideas, artistic movements and beliefs.

This exhibition highlights the importance of the Eastern Adriatic coast since antiquity and its role in creating a cultural identity of the Southern Europe. It also shows the major role played by maritime routes.

This project is the result of an international collaboration involved in the research program “Adriaticummare – Adriatlas”. Initiated and led by Francis Tassaux, professor at the University of Bordeaux 3 and researcher of the center Ausonius, it brings together researchers from all countries bordering the Adriatic (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania ).

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